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Basics of Essential Oils Part 2: Topical

In the last issue of Modewest, we explored the healing properties of essential oils on the body and mind from the simple act of smelling them—the aromatic benefits of essential oils. In this issue, we’ll look at how essential oils can soothe muscle aches and pains, reduce skin irritations and sores and provide other healing benefits through topical application. What are essential oils? Essential oils are aromatic chemical compounds that are extracted from different parts of plants and trees, from the flowers, leaves, stems, barks, seeds and roots. Essential oils are chemicals, yes. But it’s important to understand that everything in nature is made of chemicals. There are good and bad chemicals. Some chemicals harm us, impede growth, destroy cells and ruin our health, such as Sodium Laurel Sulphates (SLSs), often found in cheap cleaning products, soaps and shampoos. And then there are good chemicals, such as essential oils. They do not cause us harm when used in the correct way, and they can even heal us. Most essential oils are extracted by steam distillation …