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Markus Jaaskelainen, Deputy Editor, Writer, Photographer

Markus Jaaskelainen is a Finnish-born writer and photographer, Principal of Markus Jaaskelainen Photography. Markus has a Diploma in Photography from the Photography Institute of Australia. He has studied English, literature and creative writing at Turku University in Finland and has published seven books of poetry in his native Finnish. He lists listening to audiobooks and dog walking as his hobbies. Markus’ published poetry collections include: Ilmapalo (The Balloon) Otava, 2011 Lentokala (The Flying Fish) Otava, 2008 Valmis (Ready) Otava, 2004 Tässä hetkessä, varoittamatta (In This Moment, Without A Warning) Otava, 2001 Testamentti (The Testament) Otava, 1998 Siemen (The Seed) Otava, 1996 Kunnes muuta näen (Until I See Otherwise) Otava, 1994 Vanhat laulut, nimettömät eläimet (Old Songs, Nameless Animals) Nihil Interit, 1994 To find out more or get in touch with Markus, email him at or phone +61 (0) 405 052 791. Visit