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Melissa: Sovereign for the Brain

In 1699, English herbalist John Evelyn described Melissa—or lemon balm—as “sovereign for the brain, strengthening the memory, and powerfully chasing away melancholy.” Robyn Simon, of Pure Oils International in Katoomba, says this three hundred year old quote is still the most accurate description she has ever read of Melissa Officinalis—but what is it, and what has it got to do with our busy modern lifestyles? Melissa oil—the essential oil distilled from the Melissa Officinalis plant—is one of the most expensive oils, but one that offers a powerful and natural way to manage a problem all of us suffer at one time or another—stress. Running a small business or being a sole trader can be as stressful as it is rewarding, and stress can reduce our ability to concentrate, stymie our creativity and make us sick—and that’s not good when business relies on your performance. In fact, 2008 research by Medicare Private found that stress costs Australian businesses over $10 billion a year. The research also noted that individuals are best placed to notice the ‘early …