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From the Editor: Modewest Issue 4 Summer 2016

This issue of Modewest is, as many of you know, the first issue for 2016 and the last issue of Modewest. It represents the fourth issue and rounds off what we have achieved since 2014 when we began.

Issue 1 represented Starting Business. We shared ideas for those starting out, self-discovery as a sole trader, valuing people, marketing within your means and networking for success.

Issue 2 represented Running Business. We looked more deeply at moving forward in business, defining your business roadmap, managing your cashflow and balancing work and life for lasting health and vitality.

In issue 3 we focused on Growing Business. We introduced social media marketing on Instagram, an effective online brand-building platform. We explored cloud accounting, business funding, maintaining a zero inbox and we shared ways to introduce low carb foods into your diet.

In this edition, issue 4, our focus is on Business Strategy.

It was difficult for me to decide conclusively to put Modewest to bed this year. I have been excited to both design, edit and produce Modewest magazine. It was, however, a strategic decision to make this issue the last.

Making strategic decisions in business is not easy. Letting go of something you love because the investment is greater than the return, or because it requires more time than you can spare, can be difficult. Business strategy is about making decisions based on sales (profit or loss), sustainability (longevity) and market interest (demand). While business decisions do effect the small business owners’ personal life, the separation between the two (and between emotion and fact) is crucial to move your business forward and reach the potential for which you were designed.

This potential is what this issue of Modewest is all about.

Gina Jaaskelainen, Editor-in-Chief

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