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From the Editor: Modewest Issue 3 Winter 2015

It’s the end of the financial year. This is a time to examine our financial position and make decisions for the future. This year, we have seen a lot of people in small business struggling with money and perhaps questioning the future of their business. We would like to encourage you to keep going. Investing in your business strategically will reap rewards, and there is help available. You are not alone.

In 2015, social media has well-and-truly pervaded our lives. We are on social media all the time. But whether we are efficient in using it to the benefit of our business is still a question mark. Many find that social media takes too much of their time and distracts them from ‘productive’ work.

Is social media seen as entertainment? In fact, social media is a business tool. The sooner we grasp this fundamental truth the sooner we’ll ensure our time spent on social media is profitable.

In this issue of Modewest, we delve into the world of Instagram. Instagram has transformed from a teenage selfie platform into a strategic brand awareness tool. This image-based social media network allows you to make contact with people that are interested in your visual brand as well as to showcase the ‘human’ side of your business.

To develop our human side, let’s ensure we are maintaining good health and wellness despite our busy lives. Stop and smell the roses, eat wholesome, natural foods and make time in your day to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

On page 29 we discuss the health benefits of a low carb diet and on page 32 we bring you the second part of our Basics of Essential Oils series, discussing the healing benefits of applying essential oils topically.

The time to look back is short. The time to look forward—and make sound business decisions—is now!

Gina Jaaskelainen, Editor-in-Chief

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