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From the Editor: Modewest Issue 1 Winter 2014

Welcome to the first issue of Modewest. We are very excited to present to you a fresh, new look into the encounters, experiences and golden opportunities available to all Greater Western Sydney businesses.

Modewest stands firmly on the focus of business and life. Our contributors are all business owners, and—as business owners—we know what it’s like to juggle the challenges of life while running a business at the same time.

Some of us have children growing up, some of us have health concerns, some of us have just started a business and need information and direction to market and run our businesses successfully. Some of us have been in business for a longer time and are looking to expand our horizons, find new ideas or just be entertained. None of us have much time.

Modewest was created for all of us.

Modewest is a free online magazine. Our digital issues can be viewed and downloaded online from the Modewest website or you can contact us at info@modewest.com.au for more information.

In this first issue, we have articles covering a range of business and lifestyle topics—business growth and the workplace, marketing, technology, nutrition and lifestyle.

At the end of each issue we have our regular essential living article, classic film review and photo focus column.

For all the wonderful people in Greater Western Sydney, welcome to Modewest from your editor. I hope you will find Modewest an aspirational and inspirational business companion: inventive, affecting—and a joy to read.

Gina Jaaskelainen, Editor-in-Chief

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