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Know Your Customer

Have you noticed that when you buy something from an online bookshop you’ll soon receive their suggestions on what to buy next? There is a huge push in the consumer contact industry to collect metrics, preferences and tracking data to capture buying trends. Merging and cross-referencing data across various platforms helps companies build their individualised customer profiles. The purpose is to provide customers personalised marketing—but it can sure feel like you’re being spied on! “Knowing and understanding your customer is an integral part of running a profitable business,” says business mentor Rob Drage from Thexton Armstrong Drage in Faulconbridge. “But, on the other hand, it is possible to ‘know’ too much about your customer, to the point of second-guessing them, and neglecting to find out the truth.” So, how can we learn about our customers’ wishes without invading their privacy? “It does not take very much effort, through a conversation with your customer, to find out, for instance, what they do, how old they are, where they shop, what car they drive, whether they own …


Rob Drage, Thexton Armstrong Drage

Rob Drage is Director of Thexton Armstrong Drage Business Consultants. He has worked with numerous business owners to define and reach their goals of owning profitable and sustainable businesses. Rob has qualifications in telecommunications technology, business studies, business consulting, marketing management and project management, as well as broad experience in operations and financial management. Phone: 0409 776 590 Email: Visit:


Soul Searching Sole Trader

Those of us who have launched into the life of a sole trader know why we did it—the lifestyle, the personal reward, the independence, the lack of office politics and fickle employers. But how do you make sure you have a truly viable business that will consistently deliver the income you want? Rob Drage, business mentor at Thexton Armstrong Drage in Faulconbridge, says that every sole trader needs to do some soul searching—and he recommends two regular review processes. Taking a good, hard look at your business might not be every sole trader’s idea of fun—it might even be terrifying—but it is essential. “The life of a sole trader can be rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating and stressful all at once,” says Rob. “Part of balancing these emotions is having a thorough understanding of the business, the customers and the competition.” Rob’s two review processes, the SWOT analysis and Business Definition, take time, thought and discussion to get the most benefit, and to most people they are far less exciting than just running the business. However without …