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Laurel Grey, Get Digital Flow

Laurel Grey loves cloud computing. An Upstate New York native, Laurel has lived in Denmark, Thailand and Singapore before settling in Sydney. When she’s not busy daydreaming about technology, she loves to travel, dabble in photography and indulge in hot yoga. She is an Organisational Analyst at Get Digital Flow, helping business owners choose and implement cloud technology solutions so they can focus on what they love. You can connect with her via email below or on LinkedIn. Email: Visit:


Business in the Cloud

There you are, waiting for your third coffee of the day, a million ‘to-dos’ running through your head, and suddenly you hear the calm-looking guy in front of you say, “Yeah, I run my entire business from the cloud.” Somehow, he looks more organised, more streamlined, more everything than you—but is it all a big bluff? And what is this ‘cloud’ thing, anyway? Laurel Grey of Get Digital Flow in Sydney gives us a weather forecast. “The reality of running your business in the cloud is that, eventually, you will have to get there,” says Laurel. “The even harsher reality is that the road to effectively running your business from the cloud might not be as straightforward as many IT gurus would have you believe.” Laurel warns that it is easy to get carried away thinking that your business is going to earn you money 24 hours a day on complete autopilot with just a few cloud-based tools. Getting to that point takes months and years of dedication and time set aside to get things …