Month: July 2015


Aaron Agius, Louder Online

Aaron Agius is Managing Director and Co-founder of Louder Online. He has over 10 years’ experience in affiliate, CPA, search, social and content marketing for small businesses through to global brands, and has worked with some of the world’s largest and most recognised brands to build their online presence. Phone: 1300 724 588 Email: Visit:



What separates a good photographer from a great photographer is not necessarily skill or vision. The thing that’s needed in order to become a great photographer—or great anything—is awareness. When I was learning yoga in my 20s, twenty years ago, it was very important that I be aware of the position of each of my muscles and coordinate my moves with the inward and outward flow of my breath. The visible—what the observer saw—mattered less than what happened in my mind: did my mind guide my body through the asanas or did I daydream and let my body move on autopilot? The thing that applied to yoga twenty years ago applies to photography today. Once you have passed the initial stages of apprenticeship—once you know your equipment and have become friends with light—the only thing stopping you from taking great photos is your mind; whether you pay attention or not. Awareness is hard and uses up a lot of energy. I remember being drained like a bathtub after my first longer photography shoots a few …


Alison Hill, Writer and Editor

Alison Hill is an experienced editor, versatile writer and online content creator. She has created e-learning content in a wide range of subjects, produced business and community newsletters, and written blog posts and magazine articles. As an editor, she has helped others to polish their work for publication. She blogs at Email: Website: