Month: March 2014


Markus Jaaskelainen, Deputy Editor, Writer, Photographer

Markus Jaaskelainen is a Finnish-born writer and photographer, Principal of Markus Jaaskelainen Photography. Markus has a Diploma in Photography from the Photography Institute of Australia. He has studied English, literature and creative writing at Turku University in Finland and has published seven books of poetry in his native Finnish. He lists listening to audiobooks and dog walking as his hobbies. Markus’ published poetry collections include: Ilmapalo (The Balloon) Otava, 2011 Lentokala (The Flying Fish) Otava, 2008 Valmis (Ready) Otava, 2004 Tässä hetkessä, varoittamatta (In This Moment, Without A Warning) Otava, 2001 Testamentti (The Testament) Otava, 1998 Siemen (The Seed) Otava, 1996 Kunnes muuta näen (Until I See Otherwise) Otava, 1994 Vanhat laulut, nimettömät eläimet (Old Songs, Nameless Animals) Nihil Interit, 1994 To find out more or get in touch with Markus, email him at or phone +61 (0) 405 052 791. Visit


Gina Jaaskelainen, Editor-in-Chief, Art Director

Gina Jaaskelainen is a Brand Strategist, Online Marketer, Website Designer and Developer, Social Media Marketing and SEO Specialist, Business Growth Leader, Trainer and Speaker. She is the head of, a Global Digital Strategy consultancy. Gina provides social media, SEO, website, sales and online marketing premium solutions as well as advanced marketing and campaign strategies for companies ready to expand online. She coaches businesses in effective online sales and marketing techniques, customer engagement and relationship-building strategies, as well as buyer behaviour and emotional-trigger selling. Gina is a WordPress and Blogging expert trainer, having run workshops and seminars for many organisations in Sydney and Western Sydney, Australia, and she has used the WordPress platform for almost 10 years. She has designed, developed, strategised and planned numerous WordPress websites from concept through to finish, with a strong emphasis on usability, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and visual aesthetics. Prior to running her own businesses, Gina worked for major companies in the design, print, packaging, corporate and retail sectors. She worked on iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Nestle, SmithKline Beecham, …